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Is your doctor a reproductive endocrinologist? Or a normal OBGYN. I know this is your second m/c so its most likely just an OB doc. And also as I read, you have had a successful pregnancy?

After my second m/c my regular OB did a load of blood work to rule out some problems....but all came back neg. After my last m/c #3, I was sent to a reproductive Endo. but I had just had my D&C the day before so they couldn't do any tests till my body healed some...he said come back this month, Dec . when I get my period.

Maybe you might be able to get referred to an RE if they don't findout with the upcoming D&C.

Its so frustrating isn't it not knowing why this type of thing keeps happening? Its like I have never been really sick in my life..just the flu and never thought I would have this sort of problem. It mystifies me.

I hope you are lucky though. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care--Jess

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