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miscarriage happens more often then we could ever imagine. It is estimated that EVERY women will have at least one miscarriage during her reproductive years and may not even realize she was pregnant, she will just assume she had a late, heavy period. I have been where you are and understand the pain you are experiencing. Miscarriages that happen during the first trimester are almost ALWAYS related to a blighted ovum (something wrong with the embryo/fetus- usually chromosomal). Sometimes doctors can attempt to intervene with medications, but many doctors are reluctant to interfere with nature ridding the body of a blighted ovum (I know it sounds cruel, but true). In answer to your question, yes- there certainly may be a heartbeat one minute, and then something goes wrong. It is very sad and unfortunate. For me, my little fetus kept trying to hang in there and eventually just "pooped" out and I miscarried. You will go on to have healthy children. I pray that you are blessed with all your hearts desire.

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