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Hi there, I am new to this and just need some reassuance and hoping I am not the only one.
My husband and I were going to start ttc. I have been on the pill for about 5 years, I was pretty consistent with my af when I wasn't on the pill. I went off the pill in April of 06, got my first period, in May. About 32 days later. It was heavy but they always were when I wasn't on bc. Then the next month I was pregnant. Then in July 06 I had a miscarriage. I was 9 weeks long, I thought I was atleast. Had my ultrasound and they saw nothing. The said I must of lost the baby around 6 weeks. They asked me if I had cramping or spotting and I didn't have anything, I was so in shock.
So I ended up going for blood work to make sure my levels were going down, and ended up having a D & C August 1st, 2006.
It went fine and they found out it was a normal chormosomal miscarriage.
I was devestated but told myself I can't get down about it, these things happen. well it worked for a couple months, now I am sadden by it.

I recieved af 5 weeks after the d & C, it was pretty normal. 40 days later I got my period, I thought I was pregnant again since I was 32 days of bc. But I took a test, negative and then my af finally came.

I thought it would be the same for the month of November. Instead all I got was spotting for 4 days on my 32nd day. I did pass a couple of clots but nothing that I had to wear a pad for, it was very light. I did take a pt just to make sure and it was negative also.

So now it is the time to get it again in december. I am on day 31 and nothing, I feel normal, a little bloated, but no cramping or anything.

Is this normal to be so off on your af after a d & c. My husband and I are ttc. I would like to know when I do ovulate.

Has this happened to anyone else? I was hoping to be pregnant for xmas, but I dont' think that will happen.

Plus one of my coworkers in 11 weeks with her first. I feel so heart broken now. I was dealing ok and now it has gotten worse.

Could someone help me shed some light. I'd apreciate it. Thanks!
I am going through the exact same thing you are. First I have to say I have Always been very regular with my periods and I have been off BC for over a year due to pregnancies.

I had my third miscarriage at the end of sept. I had my first D&C on Sept 18. Two weeks later I had to have an emergency D&C after hemorrahging on Oct 3rd. I didn't have my first period after those two surgeries till Nov. 12th and it was unlike any period I have ever had it was light bright red with no real clots and only lasted like 2 days... I thought oh crap is that implantation bleeding? Then this month I waited for my period to come around the 12th it never came.. week went by still nothing..and I took a couple preg. tests just to make sure.. both negative. Then on Christmas afternoon my husband and I had sex and an hour later I got cramps and blood resulted. But it was very light and the cramps were intense and suggested a good amt of blood and maybe clots but today is Wed and yesterday I didn't have any bleeding and today just spotting lightly. This has been very stressful because #1 I thought I was pregnant and knew I didn't need to be and #2 I just want my body and periods to be back to normal...and soon.

After my other 2 m/c, my periods came back very fast and normal. But I also didn't have 2 D&C's with those two. So I am glad I cam across this post and all I can think of since you had a D&C as well is maybe the surgeries are what's causing these weird periods. I mean they took a tool and scraped inside our uteruses..that can't be good for our body..nessessary..but not good.

I feel a little better though thinking I am NOT pergnant.

I swear with my ADD I can NEVER make a post short. Mine are always so long winded. Jeez!

I hope your AF gets back to normal soon and mine too. Take care, Jess

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