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I'm so sorry for everyone's losses. One would think having gone through the same thing would make knowing the "right thing" to say easier.. but it doesn't so I can only say I'm sorry.

I had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks and ended up having an emergency D&C because of some serious bleeding. I bled a bit in the weeks after surgery, but it was that brownish color. Exactly 28 days after the surgery I had some bright red bleeding for about a week, which I was told to consider my period. I was so excited that it came 28 days after surgery because the doctor had said to wait 2-3 periods before trying to conceive again and I had heard about women who had to wait 8 weeks for their period to return initially. Unfortunately though my excitement has turned to annoyance because I am now 34 days without my period. I don't think I'm pregnant, my husband and I have been using condoms because we are both very adamant about following the doctors recommendations for the best possible outcome next time I get pregnant. I have no signs of my period coming, usually my breasts get sore and I feel a little crampy, but nothing. Has anyone else experienced a "normal" period after a D&C and then a long time between after that? We were really hoping to be able to try to conceive soon but don't want to until I get another period.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I wish you all the best of luck! :wave:

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