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I wanted to post on this board again to help anyone going for a D&C for the first time. Today I had my first D&C and was very nervous/scared. A D&C is hard, but not for the reasons you may think. The actually D&C lasts for maybe only 20 minutes and you are asleep the entire time. I did not like the thought of being put under, but I have to tell you, the whole procedure goes quickly and is painless, physically speaking. You will wake up and feel like 5 minutes went by. You will feel a little weak and out of sorts, but that is why the nurses will keep you seated or laying down for a while. Ladies, if you or your RE chooses to do a D&C, don't be scared! For me, it was easier than the 1st m/c that happened by itself. Plus, with any luck, your dr can test the tissue and maybe get some answers as to why this happened.

After the D&C, I still feel sad...still wanted that baby... But it's like so many ladies have posted... it is better this way than to have a sick baby. Maybe it's a cruel choice, but I hear all these wonderful stories of women going on the have beautiful, healthy babies and know that is in the cards for all of us.

Just, in short, don't be scared or discouraged. Don't be mad at your husband/boyfriend if they react differently... men usually do. Just remember: Wonderful things are on the way... and here you have many, many ladies who have been through the same thing. Take a deep breath, grieve, cry it out, and then pick your head up. You will pull through this and be that much more stronger as a result.

Only good wishes and prayers to all!


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