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I am very sorry for your loss. There really is no pain like losing your baby. I've been there twice. I had my DD when I was very young... that pregnancy was fine and resulted in a gorgeous little girl. :) Then, last year, I found out I was pregnant. Within the week, I had m/c. A year later (June this year) I found out I was pregnant again. We were overjoyed. When I was 9 weeks, I began bleeding and again, the pregnancy ended in m/c.

I had complications after and bled for over two months. Eventually, when the bleeding stopped, I awaited my period so that we could start trying again. It didn't come. So I waited another month, still no period. Thinking my cycle was messed up after the m/c and complications, I didn't really consider that I could be pregnant, but my doctor said to do a test 'just to be sure'. To my absolute shock and disbelief, it was positive! So, here I am, nearly 18 weeks pregnant! I just wanted you to know, that just because you have m/c twice, it does not necessarily mean you cannot/will not go on to have a healthy pregnancy and beautiful baby. Of course, sometimes, there are causes for recurrent m/c, but a doctor won't ususally run tests until you have had 3. Hopefully, for you, it won't come to that and next time you get a BFP, you will be holding a beautiful baby in your arms nine months later. Please, don't lose hope. I didn't and look at me. However sad you feel now, please know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Wishing you a fantastic 2007, where all your dreams come true. :)

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