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You're looking for an uplifting story...i hope mine helps. I, too, went through 2 m/c within 4 months. It was in 1976....I spent the 4th of July and Thanksgiving Day that year in the hospital. The hardest part for me was for the first m/c my sister-in-law was pregnant at the same time. We were due within 3 weeks of one another. To see her at family get togethers was the most difficult thing I had to endure. Everytime I looked at her beautiful baby girl, all I could think about was how old my baby would be. My one consolation was that I already had a beautiful girl of my own who was 3 years old. I kept telling myself that at least God had given me one child and if it was His will that I only have that one, so be it. There was no known cause for the first m/c one of the reasons being that no heart beat was ever heard. I was 16 weeks along and had only gained 1 pound. I gained 28 pounds with my first baby and most of that came before 6 months! I just started having contractions. With the second m/c my water broke at 12 weeks. I was told that I possibly had an incompetent cervix. They said that next time they would monitor me very closely and if needed would place a stitch in my cervix if it looked like I was beginning to have trouble. I waited year and then tried again. The moment I thought I could be pregnant, I went for a test. We didn't have the home tests you have today. I found that I was 6 weeks along. I vowed I wouldn't name this baby (i had named both of the other babies right away) until I was as certain as I could be that everything was all right. I went every week until I was 29 weeks along and a pelvic was done to make sure that everything was okay. I delivered a gorgeous baby girl at full term. No stitch and no problems. It was an easier delivery than my first. I was at the hospital a grand total of 45 minutes before she was born. So, mourn your losses and know that you will make it through and unless there is something physically wrong, it is possible to have a healthy baby after you've been through two m/cs. Confide in your family and friends and let them help you thru. I prayed alot during those times. If you believe in God, maybe that will help you too. Hope this helped. God Bless you and good luck!

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