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Hi Ladies,
It is so nice to have a message board like this to share stories and get support from one another! I am definitely not alone! My dh just didn't feel the "pain" like I did........
I believe I had a miscarriage and began bleeding on December 15. I wasn't due for af until about December 20 or so. I have pretty regular cycles. I took a hpt on the 13th just to see (my dh and I are ttc) what would happen. I figured negative because it was early still. But, I got a positive. I took another on the 14th, still positive. ((The funny thing is, I might not have ever known I was pregnant if I hadn't of tested. I would have thought it was just a heavy period perhaps?)) Then, on 12/15 I started spotting. It got darker and darker. I was also passing clots and tissue. I stopped bleeding on 12/24. I called my OB and spoke to a nurse on 12/18 to tell them I believed I was misscarying and asked if I should come in. She said come back in two weeks, she also told me to test again a week later. So, I tested on 12/29 and it was still positive. I am wondering how far along was I when I miscarried?
Yesterday, I went to a walk in clinic (my OB was closed) for a blood test. Tomorrow I go in for another blood test to compare the levels and make sure they are going down.
I am just surprised the nurse didn't have me come in for an exam or something..unless that is done after the blood test? Anyway, I am anxious for af to return so we can start again. Is it ok to start then?


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