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I went in for an u/s today and the dr found a cyst on my right ovary. First concerned with it being an ectopic pregnancy. She is going to monitor me and my levels ---they dropped today to 85 from 186 on 1/3. I will get my blood checked on 1/15 again. So, I was relieved when I heard they had dropped! BUt, I don't like having this so called cyst?
I will be waiting about 3 cycles before ttc again so thanks for all your support ladies! Best wishes to you all.....

Hey Rachel,
Sorry I didn't msg yesterday...busy busy busy.
Anyways, so glad to hear your levels are dropping. A sign that you will be pg again, I know we both will. :D Our little angels will look out for us! I'm sorry to hear there is a cyst, but from what I hear it isn't uncommon. And I believe it's treatable too.
My ultrasound went good. I haven't yet talked to my doctor tho, but I asked the tech about stuff and she said that it is all clear, nothing left at all so that was very relieving!! So I will call my doctor tomorrow coz I haven't heard anything back yet and see if I need to go in for a follow up appt. But she said that we can start right after a normal period so I guess we will.
Did your doctor say that you had to wait 3 months for a reason??? I'm just wondering if I shouldn't be waiting longer too??
Well, I must be going. We have a friend living with us right now as she was kicked out of her place, long story, so I have to go pick her up from work.
Take care and good luck to you....sticky baby dust to us all!! :blob_fire :blob_fire

Flutter :wave:
Hi all,
I really need to change my board name, I was using this name last week when I thought I had a healthy pregnancy going....2 weeks ago I went of ran early ultrasound (I had cramping in my first weeks) and the ultrasounds was great, it showed a little heartbeat and I started to let myself get excited. I just went for a 9 week ultrasound on Friday and they said the baby had stopped developing a there was no longer a heartbeat.

So, now it's a waiting game for my body to realize its over and to release it. I have to go to the docs again on Tuesday, if it hasn't happened by then on its own; I have to be scheduled to go to the hospital for a "procedure". I so hope I don't have to go thru that. I'm feeling depressed and sorry for myself. It took me 3 years to get pregnant and now am concerned about my feelings should I get pregnant again. I'll just be a basket case.

[B]Flutter and Rachel,[/B] I am sorry for your loss but it sounds like you are both doing well. My doc said that I can start trying right after my first period. So I will. Maybe she told me to get on with it b/c I'm 37? I also had a friend who didn't wait and now she has a 4 month old son.
Thanks for reading...
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy yeah RAchel!!! I wish mine would come too!!! 40 days and counting...but I have been counting since the day I started bleeding, should I or would it be the 4 days after all the miscarriage was gone?? I don't know...but I have been searching and have seen some women go something like 8 weeks....soooo it's just a waiting game....Oh Rachel, I am so happy for you can finally start to plan again...were you going to wait till April? I can't remember....I swear I am coming down with KRAFT disease....anyways, whole other story!! Let me know how it's going Rachel...are you going to start temping and opks or just take it as it goes?
Well, off to bed for me!!
Take care and again I say "sticky icky goeey baby dust to us!"


Flutter :wave:
Hi. I am new here but I was reading some of your post and I realized that I am not in this alone. I had a miscarriage on Thanksgiving or that is when I started bleeding then on Saturday I started to pass these blood clots and then sorry if this part is gross, but I passed some really big pieces of tissuse. So my husband and I grieve for the loss and decided that we would just try again and move on. So know I am waiting until I would get my period which I thought had happened in Dec. , I stopped bleeding for 3 days and I thought it was over them I started to bleed again but it was different this time so I figured it must of been my period. It lasted about a week and then it was done so I was so happy that it was over with. Then usually I go from 28-30 days but for some reason I was like a week early in Jan. Then my period only usually last about 5 days but for some reason it went 9days. So I thought maybe it was just my body trying to get back on track. But when I woke up this morning it was back again and it had only been 6 days since I stopped bleeding. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or could tell me if they knew what was going on. THanks a bunch.
My prayers are with all of you, I don't wish this pain on anyone.


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