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Hey everyone,

How are you doing?? Happy, how are you? Getting through this ok? I hope so.
Bricely, I know what you mean with the maternity clothes, and it is hard for me too because my best friend is 5 months pg...of course she wants me to go baby shopping with is soooo hard....and I am happy for her but at the same time thinking...we should be doing this together....but then I least she didn't lose hers too...I think that would have hurt way too much, instead of just too much.
Rachel, any signs of AF for you? Mine still hasn't shown up....gggggggggrrrrrrrrrr....and I keep getting EWCM of and on, and light cramping in my bb's (not quite sore yet) and light cramping on and off down there and bloated like a balloon....sooooooo needless to say I know she is on her way....I should expect her next week or the week after....In a way I want to see her, because then that means we can try again, but in a way I don't....crazy as that sounds.
Anyways, just popped on to see how everyone is doing. Have a great day and here's to us...the strong ones!!

Flutter :wave:

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