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Hi all,
I really need to change my board name, I was using this name last week when I thought I had a healthy pregnancy going....2 weeks ago I went of ran early ultrasound (I had cramping in my first weeks) and the ultrasounds was great, it showed a little heartbeat and I started to let myself get excited. I just went for a 9 week ultrasound on Friday and they said the baby had stopped developing a there was no longer a heartbeat.

So, now it's a waiting game for my body to realize its over and to release it. I have to go to the docs again on Tuesday, if it hasn't happened by then on its own; I have to be scheduled to go to the hospital for a "procedure". I so hope I don't have to go thru that. I'm feeling depressed and sorry for myself. It took me 3 years to get pregnant and now am concerned about my feelings should I get pregnant again. I'll just be a basket case.

[B]Flutter and Rachel,[/B] I am sorry for your loss but it sounds like you are both doing well. My doc said that I can start trying right after my first period. So I will. Maybe she told me to get on with it b/c I'm 37? I also had a friend who didn't wait and now she has a 4 month old son.
Thanks for reading...
I have lost alot of blood, tissues (i think the placenta) and clots. I'm for sure now that I will not be having this baby. I'm ok. I didn't plan this pregnancy. I plan to get pregnant again in August. Wish me luck!!

This is about cervix check. Don't read this next paragraph if its TMI.

Yes, I was told to check my cervix every morning right out of bed.
Some people might have to lay down and push on there stomach to feel their cervix, prop their bottoms on 2 or 3 pillows and hope they have long fingers, have there husband help, or you can stand funny (like when you insert a tampon) to find your cervix. For me right now that I'm miscarrying my cervix is very open. I can sick my finger up it. Your cervix might also drop when it opens.
If your cervix is "closed" you wont be able to get the tip of your finger in the cervix. When it opens you will be able to get the tip of your finger in. Everyone is different and it's hard to tell. I'm only speaking from personal experience. If you check your cervix every morning right when you get out of bed you will get to know your cervix better. Then you will know when its closed or kinda open. As soon as you know your cervix is "open" have sex. It wont last long so be prompt. Sperm can last a few days inside you as well.
For me right now that I'm miscarrying my cervix is very open. I can sick my finger up it. Sorry if thats To Much Info. But it doesn't hurt to learn.

I could be wrong about this. SO you might want to check with your OB. If that doesn't work then just have sex every other day. HAHA
Good luck.

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