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Hi there,

I was hoping someone could give me some info....I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks 6 days (16th dec) with no D & C. The doc at emerg and my family doc said let it all pass naturally. My doc is also sending me for an ultrasound on the 10th of Jan. But I have been feeling really weird lately and am just afraid that maybe it's an infection setting in because not everything was out. I have been feeling nauseous with migraines and just feeling off balance and just Hope this makes sense.
Anyways, if anyone has gone through this please let me know.
Hope everyone is good. Take care.

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Hi ladies,
Ohhh I am so sorry Happy....I know how you feel...tomorrow is going to be a month exactly to when my bleeding started. I am trying not to think of it. I guess we all have to try that. So your doc will send you in for a D & C if you do not pass everything before you see her?? Hopefully you will be like me and pass everything before then...although people say that the D & C isn't that bad. Hard enough what we have to go through. Anyways, we are going to start trying again right after my first cycle..the only problem is...I have NO IDEA when that will's been a month now since I started bleeding...when does the first cycle normaly come after a ms??
JoJo, good luck to you and hope all is ok. :D Ummm this might sound like a dumb question, but when you check for your do you know if it's open or not? This might be TMI, but you do stick your finger up there to check that right?
Well ladies, good luck to you all and keep us posted!! Hopefully we will all be on the pg boards soon!! But only a healthy soon!!

Take care.

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Hi all,
Last time wrote it was Sunday and I had just found out at my 9 week u/s that the heart stopped beating. We've been waiting and hoping I would release it natuarally, but it wasn't happening. Not even spotting.

So yesterday I had a D&C. I had a choice to wait a little longer but I the waiting, I just couldn't take anymore. Now I feel a cirtical step has taken place in my recovery, I can start to really deal the next feelings coming my way. I cried when I woke up after the procedure. But mentally I'm strating to feel a bit better. I am very tired and have some light continual cramping.

Just wanted to check back in on everyone I won't get over this quickly, it took 3 years to get pregnant but I guess we need to look at it this way; at least we know we can get pregant and that's something positive to focus on.
Good luck everyone...

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