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I lost my first born son at 36 weeks, he died during delivery (emerg. C-section) I got pregnant again the next year and now have a healthy 5 month old son. I am so sorry for your loss and I know everything you must be feeling. Loosing a baby that far along is not like having a miscarriage early on. Having to actually give birth to a dead baby is the worst most tragic thing in the world. I know you are feeling guilty and blame yourself, of course I do too. You probably always will. I think it makes me feel more in control that if I blame myself and then I can be the one to make it right next time. People telling you its not your fault won't mean anything to you right now. The best thing you can do for your babies and family is to first recover and heal. You are emotional and hormonal but you need something to hold onto. . . hope. Don't push your husband to agree with you right now, he is grieving in his own way. First recover and get well. This could take months. Every day is so painful but eventually time does pass. After you are better physically you can maybe speak with a perinatal specialist about getting a cerclage (my friend has had 4 children with the cerclage, getting her cervix stitched up early in the pregnancy) If it wasn't for my perinatal specialists and holding onto hope, I don't think I wouold of made it.

2-get medical advice
3-don't loose hope.

I wish you all the best for healing and a future healthy baby.

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