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my heart goes out to you and I know nothing I can say will take away the hurt you are feeling. I ve had 4 miscarriages in total but the worst 2 were the boy I lost at 19 weeks in feb 2005 and the second boy I lost a year later at 15 weeks in March 2006. When I lost my 19 week baby I was absolutely devastated didnt know how I would cope and the first thing I thought about when they scanned me and told me there was no heart beat was what would I tell my 2 children who were 5 and 3 at the time they were really looking forward to having a brother or sister I think at the time thats what upset me most. Then it happened again and I knew the exact date he died because I bought a doppler as I was so paranoid as what had happened to me before I was constantly checking his heart beat from 10 weeks.
anyway at the time I was sure noone in the world could understand the pain and grief I was going through and it was a really hard time for me but I think realising that there are others who understand really helps.
Nothing I can say will ever bring your little boy back and I know the emptiness you are feeling will probably never go.
I was saying to Susie who posted to you that sometimes I get so bitter when I look at people who seem to have never have these sort of problems and find it so hard to talk to people without thinking at the back of my mind you dont know what Ive been through. I just hope we can help each other and I know it hasnt been that long since you lost your little boy just give yourself time to grieve and heal and remember that it is a long process. Wishing you the best in your recovery and if you ever need support there are always people on here who can understand part of what you are going through

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