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Hi! I normally have very heavy periods, accompanied by clots and horrible cramps. I also know when I am getting my period, as I ALWAYS have a migraine the night before. My periods have been kinda irregular for the past 2 years. I will spot some, then nothing for a day or so, then get my period a few days later.

Well, had some spotting on Friday, enough for a tampon, so figured ok, gonna get period. Then nothing until yesterday when my period hit full force. I had no warning migraine or anything. Took meds for cramping, but they barely helped, heating pad provided some relief but not completely.

Just went to take a warm bath and I expelled some very pink clots, which is not normal-mine are very dark. I examined one or two and they are surrounded by a white substance, which looks almost like raw steak fat, but not as thick.

My question is could this have been a very early miscarriage? What does one normally look like? Had I been pregnant, would have maybe only been 2 weeks.

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