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Hello I am sorry about what is happening to you. I found out at 10wks that I had a blighted ovum and I went for a second opinion about a week later to confirm that infact it was a blighted ovum. I was schedule for a DNC about a week from that DR appt because the Dr thought I could hold off that long and be Ok but my body had other plans and I started hemmoraging before I could get the DNC and ended up with and Emergency DNC. I am not trying to scare you, because this dosen't happen to all woman. When the miscarrige process started I had cramps like a period but over the next day or two they got extremly bad, I had been in contact with the On call Dr since it was the weekend and he wasn't to concerned since i wasn't bleeding just cramping. On the day I hemmoraged the pain was real horrible and I felt like I had to push I had been in contact with the nurse at my Dr and told them how bad the pain was and she said it was because I was 12wks along so it was like labor. If you get pains real bad I would suggest going to the Dr or the Hospital to have them check you to make sure your not dialated. This was back in august of 06 and I have since became pregnant again only to have a tubal pregnancy so I know how you are feeling. I hope everything turns out ok and that i didn't freak you out.


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