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Hi danakscully64,

Glad to hear you went to see your doctor, but not too impressed either that he/she didn't give you the oportunity to ask questions! Isn't that why we pay to go & see them? Some Drs are so lousy.... i'd consider going to see another one darl, cos you deserve some answers if there are any. I tried to send this post on Friday before you even went to the DR, but my computer logged me out of the healthboards & wouldn't let me access the webpage again for some reason, so if any of it is irrelevant, just disregard it ok.

When i was pregnant & experienced spotting at 6 & 8 weeks, my Obstetrician told me that my brown blood was old blood that had just broken away from my uterus wall during implantation!!! 11 days seems like a long time to be bleeding heavily for so hopefully your doctor will be able to shed some light on the situation & give you some answers when you go & see him! Perhaps you have experienced an early miscarriage & that could be why some of the blood is brown, but there's still a huge chance that you haven't miscarried at all & that your period is just a little more heavy than usual :confused: I hope that that is the case!

I missed a pill every now & then when i was on the pill & never fell pregnant, but that's not to say that you weren't because everyone's different & these things can happen! Were you up to the red section in your pill packet? If you were, then the heavier bleeding could possibly have something to do with missing your pill on Saturday. Maybe it just threw your body out of whack a bit :eek: On the other hand if you weren't up to the red section, you could have missed a pill around last month & fallen pregnant shortly after (which would allow the baby enough time to implant) & then miscarried on Saturday when you got what you thought was your period! That would explain the cramps, brown & red blood and the clots. I hope i'm not scaring you here :confused: I'm just trying to cover all angles & give you as much help as possible.

The thing with early miscarriages is that most are totally missed (symptoms missed) & are just put down to a heavier period, so i have read that the statistics for this are actually quite high (around 50% of pregnancies end in a missed miscarriage), & most times we don't even realise that we were pregnant, hense the name missed miscarriage!

Just a note though, if you are worried that you have had a miscarriage, i would advise that you stop using tampons until you have been given the all clear from your doctor, incase of the risk of infection :blob_fire Your best bet would be to use sanitary pads for the time being until you are sure.

Best wishes & my thoughts are with you, Crystal :wave:

P.S - Let us know how you go with your appointment & remember that we are here to talk to. We have all experienced similar things.

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