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Hey I have also had a D&C. Actually 2 for the same baby..complications. But I am curious because I too have weird pain around the time my period is either starting or ending and its in the lower ab. right above the pubic bone which I know is the uterus. Tell us what they find out when you go to your appointment. Keep us posted because I would be interested to find out why this has happened, coincidently after my D&C's in Oct.

P.S. My periods are fairly normal. Just very irregular now=not normal. And they are much lighter. Like before I always thought I knew when I passed the unfertlized egg and now I never have any clots. Is that normal. I tended towards the clotty side before. But I don't even know if THAT is normal and not having any clots is. Hope alll goes well at the appt.---Jess

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