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Re: Provera??
Feb 19, 2007
Hello Hopefullone,

So sorry to hear about your loss! I'm not too sure about the Provera, but i just wanted to let you know that my last cycle was 35 days! My doctor said that i could track my cycle length by counting from the first day of my last period up until the day before my next one starts. So my last period, before the one i'm on now, started on the 13th Jan 07 & then my next one only started on Saturday the 17th Feb 07, so it was 35 days exactly (so that was going from Jan 13th to Feb 16th - The day before my current period came).

Hope that hasn't confused you :confused:

Unlike you, my periods have never been regular (except for when i was on the pill...... then they were spot on by the packet), so before i fell pregnant last September with my first child, my cycles were all over the show because my body was just getting back into the swing of things since coming off the pill. One was 32 days..... the next was 36 days & then i fell pregnant the next month. When i lost the baby it was 34 days after my D&C before my first normal period & then my next cycle (that i have just finished) was 35 days. So so far i have had 2 normal periods since my miscarriage. We started trying right after my first period, as we were told to wait atleast one for my body to heal. So nothing yet but we are hopeful that next month will be the months for it & that the reason i didn't fall this month is because my body was not ready yet..... so fingers crossed xxxxx :D

Apart from that, i can't really answer your question as i'm not familiar with Provera or the shot, but i hope my response was a little bit helpful, even if it just gave you some reassurance that 36 days isn't out of the norm. It seems as though i'm going to be having long cycles from now on though, as they've seemed to have evened out around the 35-36 day mark & i'd say that's what they're going to be from now on :blob_fire

Take care & keep us updated.

My thoughts are with you, Crystal :wave:
Re: Provera??
Mar 5, 2007
Hi Hopefullone,

Nothing as yet, however according to my cycle dates..... my most fertile time is between the 7th & 12th March so we are getting ready :D I wish we could tell earlier, but i guess we have to just stay positive & keep our fingers crossed xxxxx

Glad to hear you got your period.... i asked my Obstetrician what his advise was in regards to how many cycles to wait, & he said that it's best to wait 1 or 2.... but 3 is even better, however the wait is just sooo long & it's starts to get a bit frustrating after waiting for that 1st one..... it's like it takes forever to come. That's why we wanted to start trying straight after my first cycle, but i guess i'm glad that i got my second period, as now my body has has two normal periods & i have maximised my chances ;)

Anyhow i'll let you know & my fingers are crossed for you also xxxxx

All the best & keep well, Crystal xoxoxox

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