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[QUOTE=greenlittle;2820059]I am a 23 year old student and yesterday at school I expelled something that looked fleshy with purple tubes inside. I am wondering if I had a miscarriage. My intuition tells me that I did miscarry however I have been using bc. I am worried that I was using bc improperly because I just switched to a new form and that I may have been pregnant without knowing it. My bleeding started earlier than my period and the blood was different and even black at some points. I was sick with flu like symptoms for over a week and just before the fleshy sac came out of me I felt a wetness and severe cramps, I knew something was just not right. A few days earlier I had awoken in the morning crying and I just had a feeling that something was wrong. I read another post on this site from a girl who seemed to have had the exact same experience as me but I feel very scared and alone. Does this sound like a possible miscarriage? I called the emergency line at my clinic but the docter I was referred to was on her day off and very dismissive with me. She told me it is impossible for me to have become pregnant on bc and she seemed very rushed she did not listen to my symptoms and seemed very preoccupied. If anyone could give me any help I would truly appreciate it. Thank you[/QUOTE]

You need to be seen, and if it is determined that you did indeed miscarry, then you need an ultrasound to see if there is any tissue's left in your uterus, that were not expelled in the miscarriage. You can develop an infection if anything is left behind, and that can ruin your ability to ever have kids, and endanger your life. THAT doctor is an idiot. My friend took her birth control EVERY DAY at the same time, she NEVER missed, and she got pregnant with twin boys. You NEED to be seen, and by someone who gives a damn about being a doctor, and listens to what you are telling them.

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