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Re: Worried !!
Mar 8, 2007
Hi there,

You're right in saying that a missed miscarriage has no or little symptoms, as that is why it is referred to as missed. I got to 17 weeks before i knew of my miscarriage & my baby had apparently died between 12 & 13 weeks. I had no idea until my waters broke early one morning & then i began bleeding the next day. I thought at the time, before the bleeding started, that the baby must have been pressing on my bladder & that i had accidentally wet the bed.... i never thought for one minute that it was my waters breaking :confused:

Anyhow, where i live, people often just waltz into the hospital & wait to be seen & usually with these circumstances, they prioritise you quite quickly. I'm not sure if it's the same where you are, however it's worth looking into.... especially if it saves you from stressing unneccessarily. We have an emergency department & then the normal prenatal wing of our hospital & i went straight into the prenatal wing & waited to be seen, (because i didn't want to wait in emergency for hours) & i also rang before i arrived & they told me to come straight to them instead of going to emergency.

I had bleeding though.... so that could have been why they agreed to see me so quickly, however it's better to be safe than sorry & it's worth a try!!! I was initially seen by the nurse & she could not find a heartbeat with the doppler, so she then used a small disk kind of thing & then said she could hear the heartbeat but my baby was moving around too much & wouldn't stay still (so she says she heard it briefly)..... but i wasn't convinced cos all i could hear was fluid in my stomach & my own heartbeat :mad:

She ended up getting another nurse to have a listen & she too said she thought she heard a heartbeat, so then they were going to send me home, but lucky for me there were 3 other patients needing further examinations so they called my Obstetrician & asked him to come to the hospital to see me (& the others). He ended up doing a screen ultasound & saw that the amniotic sac had burst & my baby did not have a heartbeat. That was pure luck.... because otherwise i would have gone home thinking my baby was fine & i would have been caught so unaware when i passed my baby & freaked out!

Long story short..... i think you should go & ask someone to see you & if you have to lie & say that you are getting cramps etc to be seen, then i suggest you do it because that way you'll know you did everything you could. Everything might be fine & your baby might be healthy..... i hope so, but it is safer to be sure & all you need to really tell them is that your doctor could not hear a heartbeat at your last appointment & you have been worried sick since.

About your nausea & sickness, my doctor told me that morning sickness (in most cases) peaks at around 12 weeks & then tends to taper off, so i think that is quite normal if it has gone away. But again.... when you see someone, tell them about this! I too had very mild sickness..... i mainly felt tired & had the occasional queesy feeling, but i also never vomited because of it :yawn:

Anyhow i'll stop babbling now & i hope you get to see a doctor sooner rather than later.

The best of luck to you & stay well, Crystal :wave:

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