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Re: Worried !!
Mar 8, 2007
Hi first I just want to say that try try try NOT to worry about the negative and only think positive thoughts. Even though its so hard. That is very important because I believe that the mind has a tremendous amount of influence over the body.

We don't know if you are having a missed miscarriage. You can only tell for sure when you do the ultrasound. I pray that everything will be alright.

For me though, I have found that my intuition is usually correct. I have had 3 miscarriages. The first 2 I had the text book terrible cramping, back pain, spotting lightly brown, followed by heavy clotting bleeding. The 3rd one though was nothing like that. We got farther than the others with this last one, my daughter. We saw her moving, heard her HB via dopplar. Then on the week where I was supposed to be over 16 + wks. I went in, doc measured my uterus, I was growing "nicely" he put the dopplar on, no HB. The doctor just thought she was moving too much so we couldn't catch her to hear her. The US machine was brought in. And there she was unmoving, just lying there like a sleeping baby w/ no HB. A week prior to that day, I had a nightmare that I had gone to the bathroom and delivered my dead baby in the toilet. It was smaller than the palm of my hand just a little baby. It was so disturbing. But, I still had sore boobs and nausea and food aversions, my tummy seemed to get bigger, so I thought that dream was crazy and it meant nothing. But still I kept getting those thoughts off and on, even though my body seemed to be telling me otherwise with the positive symptoms.

Sometimes I think theres a part of us as humans that knows things before we do consciously. About a week before I found out I was pregnant with this last one ( we wern't trying) I had a dream I was pregnant. Then the next week, I was talking to my husband on a stool in the kitchen and when I stood up I fainted.Which scared the hell out of me and I did not associate that w/ pregnancy. I mean I've never fainted in my life, just the common head rush. But after doing some research, I came to find that association out, took a preg test the next morning and whattayaknow.

I had to have 2 differ. D&C's after this last one. I think that the D&C's caused me to be very irregular now and has screwed my whole cycle up big time. I used to be 28 days, now it seems I am like 35-40 days. I hope you don't have to have a D&C. I hope you have not had a missed/mc I hope you are fine and this worrying you are experiencing is all for nothing.Let us know what happens and please know we are all here for you. Take care, Jess

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