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I am 9 weeks pregnant for the first time with our first child. I am 37. I thought everything was ok as I had bloodwork drawn weeks ago and everything was ok. I had pregnancy symptoms and alot of morning sickness (actually all day sickness). The doctor had tried doing an u/s in his office on Monday with his little u/s machine but my bladder was empty so he couldn't see much and he said that it was too early to hear the heartbeat before he even started. He said the pregnancy was not ectopic and it was where it was supposed to be in the uterus. He said to have a u/s in the hospital to date my pregnancy -I had another u/s in the hospital yesterday. The technician first did an abdominal but then wanted to do the transvaginal. She was very serious during the whole thing and never said a word to me. My husband was not allowed in until the end. She called the radiologist during and said look at scan 4 and I heard her use words like "inferior" and debris.

When she was done he was told he could come in all she she showed us photo on the screen and told us there is the sac but that's all I see. He asked if that was normal and she said I can't comment. All I saw was an empty sac. What makes it bad is she never told us anything and when I got home I called the OB and asked when I would get the results and she said not for 2 days to a week as they have to be checked by another doctor/radiologist I don't know she didn't tell me who was checking it.
She asked when my next appt was and I said not for a month and I am not waiting a month to find out - I told her I want to know asap and she said as soon as he gets the results she will call me.
I am now left stewing over this all weekend. We are both upset and cried as in my pregnancy books this is described as a blighted ovum meaning I lost it in a very early stage. We both decided that when the doctor calls to let us know what this really means I will ask for another u/s in 10 days to make sure before I do anything like a d & c. as I have heard that sometimes the baby can hide and maybe I wasn't as far along as I thought. I know there may be no real hope with this but I would like to think there possibly could be. I am trying not to diagnose myself but what else could this mean?
I am not bleeding and don't have any real cramping. I did have very light brown spotting very early in my pregnancy but I haveen't had it in over 3 weeks. If it is a blighted ovum - when will it expel?

Another thing, if there is nothing there why are my pregnancy symptoms still strong and not fading?

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