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Brown eyed..So sorry for your loss I know how hard it is. As I posted before I am going trough the same thing 5 week sac found at 9 week and no baby ,heartbeat etc.anyway I think since you started bleeding and cramping its going to happen on its own I started out lite bleeding and cramping for 3 days then i went for a long walk to try to help it progress and it did that nite i started bleeding heavier clots and really bad cramping but i think i got most of it out and it was only bad that nite but when i went in for some more blood test 2 days later they dropped 20,000 points to like 2,000 so i dont have to go through another d&c which i had to have last year (went through a similar thing)But if u do need a d&c its really not that bad its over before u know it and i really wasnt that sore after either as for the anestisa i was nervous too but really its not bad either just a little pinch in your hand for the I.V.only once then you go to the operating room and they give you a mask and tell you too breath in and after a couple minutes your out and dont remember anything.Hope this helps...I have to have a surgery in a few weeks for some fibroids they found during the u/s so Ill have to have surgery after all anyways sucks but that also means more waiting for me i guess.Good luck

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