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I had a miscarriage this past Friday. I was 7.5 weeks pregnant through IVF.
I have gone through IVF 10 times and this was my first pregnancy. I was so excited. I wound up in the emergency room at 6 weeks with bleeding but doc saw yolk sac and said numbers were good and sent me home on bed rest.
Three days later I saw my RE and he did a scan and we saw and heard a strong heartbeat. It was the most amazing thing I ever heard. He saw blood on the sono and said it could be from a failed multiple implantation and put me on bedrest but was happy with the heartbeat of the baby. I went back to the doctor on 2 days later because I began bleeding and passing blood clots.
Doc did sono and there was no more heartbeat, but I did not pass the pregnancy. He had to do an immediate D&C because there was so much bleeding. Its been 4 days now and I have not stopped crying. I am so depressed and don't understand why this happenned. My family and friends are trying to be supportive but they don't understand that I just need to be left alone. I just don't know how I am going to get through this. I would have rather have been told my IVF was negative then to have had to have gone through this miscarriage. How cruel is it to see and hear your baby's heartbeat and then its gone. I am scared I am not going to be able to get past this.
Emma, I am very sorry ! I know what it feels like !

I have endured 7 years of infertility treatments and this Feb got pregnant with IVF, saw the 1st heartbeat at 6 week u/s and thought that everything would be fine from here on...but on 9 week u/s the heartbeat was gone, I had a missed miscarriage, and now 1 1/2 week later still havent miscarried, so my Dr is trying to schedule me for a D&C soon.

this is my 2nd miscarriage, and I have never had a child...I am also very heartbroken.

I totally understand how you feel! it is so hard to conceive in the first place and for it to be taken away, is just plain cruel !
Well its been almost 3 weeks since my miscarriage and D&C and I am still a complete mess. Is it this normal to cry all the time? I just feel lost and like a piece of me has died. I went to the doctor yesterday to go over the chromosome results from the D&C and it was normal. I found out it was a boy. I have 3 frozen embryos left from my IVF cycle and the doctor suggests I try again in June. I want to but I am scared. I just don't think I could face another miscarriage.

I am going to work but feel like I walk around like a zombie. Its just so hard to focus on things when I am feeling so depressed.
How long before I start to feel better because I feel like I could have a complete breakdown??
Iím so sorry for what happened. I just posted to someone else and donít want to totally repeat what I said. I donít know what it must be like to go through IVF. But I do know what itís like to miscarry. I was 17 weeks pregnant and it has been about two months since I lost the baby. I am having a particularly hard day today as Iíve been crying all morning. But I have had many days that have been better and I could see some normalcy returning to my life.

I also know what itís like to walk around in a daze trying to keep up with the things that we do in life. I was completing an internship when it happened. I took a couple of days off and went back to ďworkĒ. Looking back I can barely remember what happened those first couple of weeks. I probably should have took more time even to just physically recover more.

You will start to feel better and I donít think itís unusual to be crying as you described. I know that I have never cried so much in my life as I have the last couple of months. Try your best to take care of yourself and I think that time does help. And keep writing and talking to those around you. I really think that it helps to be heard and to describe your pain. My best wishes for you.

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