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I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss. I myself had 3 m/c's last year. I do have 2 healthy children that I was able to come home to after each one, which from what I read on your post is not the same for you. Coming home to my babies, made the sting of the loss a bit less for me. Please know that you may never "heal" but things will get easier over time. After my 3rd miscarriage, I just cried over and over b/c I swore I could not do it again. My sister-in-law has suffered 3 as well over the last year and a half each at about 12-14 weeks along. She is doing very well now (her last being in Dec 06), although still scared to try again. I must tell you that it is very hard to try again. With each pregnancy, you will always wait for the bleeding. My thoughts are with you and I hope that someday soon, you will have your beautiful baby.

In regards to all the friends who want to see how your doing, remember that most of them have not been through such a tragedy and are not too sure how to approach you. I know I could not speak with anyone for a couple days after my first m/c because it made me cry. But with the other 2 if felt good to know that I had the support of friends and family. It also helped to have someone (my sister in law) there to talk with. I found for myself, that talking about it, made it much easier to get through. I also had my mother, who lost her first pregnancy full term. The baby's "birthday" is coming up on May 4th and every year, it brings my mother a bit of pain on that day over 30 years later. Hopefully the doctor's can give you an exact answer on why you miscarried, which may help prevent others in the future. My causes were unknown.

Good luck to you and your husband, our thought are with you!

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