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It isnt always something that happens to you that causes them. Sometimes the pregnancy isnt going as planned and the body miscarries. There are so many different reasons for miscarring!! Stop STRESSING!! You are going to make yourself sick. I am almost 17 weeks and I am still scared of something happening, that fear never goes away. So try to relax, the stress isnt good for you or the baby.

It is also very common to cramp during pregnancy, so dont get scared. As long as you are not bleeding RED blood you are ok. And than there are sometimes That woman bleed and everything is fine! Being Pg and than becoming a mom is very STRESSFUL, unfortuantely you will be worring for th rest of your life :dizzy:
It's hard to say what causes them b/c with a pregnancy 100's of things have to go right, but just 1 thing needs to go wrong to have them happen. I had 3, each one for a different reason! Cramping and implementation bleeding are normal, but check with your doctor if your nervous. I bleed heavily around 17 1/2 weeks (red blood) but found everything was okay. Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine!

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