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Hi, I had a missed miscarriage where fetal heartbeat stopped.

Dr performed a D&C where he suctioned contents of uterus, he told me the procedure went well.

He told me I should expect bleeding for a week or maybe two...but my bleeding stopped the night of the surgery and I only had some spotting day after.

Does that mean something did not go right? or just that my Dr did a real good job....I am worried...I want to try IVF in three months again, and am anxious..
I want to first say I am sorry for your loss.

Yes, it could mean that he got everything out. Which is really good as thats what he was aiming for.

In my case, I had my first surgery ( D&C) in Oct. and I didn't bleed for a few days after it. Like four days. Only light spotting. Then all of a sudden I experienced terrible cramping even in my lower back and everytime a cramp came a clot of blood could be expected to come out of me. The cramps were horrible horrible. And then less than a week later I woke up hemorrhaging and couldn't stop bleeding tons of blood, tons of clotting. I tried my hardest to get it to stop as I had an important lecture I needed to go to. The clots were the size of a small banana. Very big. As it turned out I got real weak from the blood loss and my husband drove me to the ER where my OB met us there and I needed a second ermergency D&C, 2 wks after the first, as well as a blood transfusion because my hemoglobin levels were too low due to blood loss. I was pretty stupid not to have woken up my husband earlier to take me to the hospital. I didn't guage the seriousness of it. The things I do for school :confused: .

It seems to me as if all is going well with you post opt. Follow the docs post opt directions:No baths, no feminine rinsing (even thoough they arn't good anyways), so sex for 2 wks, etc. and keep taking your prenatals for awhile. You are lucky you are not bleeding very much. Take care and feel better inside and out.-----Jess
thanks ladies. Yes, I am only spotting very lightly for a day I guess that is good....

I am looking forward to trying again this June.

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