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Period after D&C
Mar 27, 2007
I started to miscarry around Feb 25th and then had a D&C on the long until you get your period after that.. I think I got it today, I have bled off and on since the 25 but I"ve a few days straight with out any and today started again but with cramps so I think this is a period and not just more bleeding. Would this make sense? I'm anxious to figure out my cycle so that I can TTC again.
i think everybody is different concerning after you have a D & C, after i m/c in dec i didn't have a d&c but i bled for two weeks after that then of and on every other week until my regular period didn't start coming until March, so i hope you start a regular period so you can keep track of it hope this helps
Thanks, I don't think it is my period because today it's basically gone again...
Hi, I was in the same boat as you. I found out I miscarried on 2-19 and I had my d&c done on the 21st. I had very light bleeding up until about 3 weeks ago. Then I felt the horrible cramping and soaked through a pad like a usual period about 2 weeks ago. It took that long for my pregnancy hormone level to come down. Everyone is different. Have you had your levels checked? I had my levels check 2 weeks after then 2 more weeks after that. They called me with the results that my levels were coming down and that I would be having a period soon. About a week later I started. I would have your beta levels checked maybe?? I think I am due to start here soon. I to am anticpating getting my periods back in order to start trying again. Good luck!
Howdy girls! I just wanted to add that it took me 2 full months to get a normal period after my D&C. I had the D&C in August and was pregnant by January. Hang in there.
Hi, I just got my first period after D&C today so that is 45 days after D&C. Husband and I aren't trying right now (though I'd love an oops) and are going to start after the may long weekend which is another month away. Fingers crossed I get pregant by June that would mean edd around March far away:rolleyes:

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