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Hi girls,

Just wanted to update you on my experience and get some advice. Since being diagnosed last Wednesday with the blighted ovum I had opted to miscarry naturally - i had spotted from last Monday til Friday and then very light bleeding started but nothing serious til Saturday night. Then the cramps came and heavy bleeding started at about 9pm - I woke my dh up at 2 am due to the pain. He wanted to take me to the er but I thought it would get better - it didn't. I was passing large clots almost the size of my fist. I was up most of the night. My lower back pain and cramping was so intense we went to the er at 3pm Sunday - my sister in law is a nurse and she said it was pretty much like labour - I was admitted to the hospital and they wanted to give me dermerol for the pain but told me I would most likely vomit from it so I passed on it. The nurses checked on my every little while and helped me quite a bit. The OB was away til Monday so I couldn't see him. They wouldn't let me eat for fear I may have to do an emergency D&C. I bled and bled and finally passed the sac Sunday night - I could tell that that was what it was. The OB came in Monday am and said it was good that I came to the hospital and they were doing an ultrasound to see if I passed everything - I had that at 12:30pm and didn't get the results til 6pm. Hence I never ate all day again. He came in at 6pm and said I needed a D&C as there was still tissue there and it needed to be removed for fear of infection and he would be doing it at 7pm. I was very scared as I never had anasthesia. I had the surgery and was pretty groggy for hours so I stayed the night again and went home in the morning on Tuesday. I am not bleeding much only a little but I am sore so I am taking tylenol. He never gave me any post op advice or meds nor did he schedule a follow up so I am on my own now. Nobody told me I couldn't take a bath so I did on Tuesday and yesterday hoping it would ease the pain. I am not on antibiotics or anything else - is this normal? What advice did you girls get after a d&c?
I am a little angry at him for telling me passing it on my own would be like a heavy period - it wasn't - it was like labour and the bleeding was like 10 periods - on the same token I have to thank him for doing the surgery as the hemorraging stopped. He also didn't offer information I had to ask about things otherwise he didn't tell me very much. Overall the experience was traumatic and I would never try that on my own again- I should have had the d&c right away like he had wanted to do. This has been the worst experience of our lives and I don't know if I want to try again. This was our first attempt at pregnancy and it will take us months to get over it.
I'm so sorry for your loss and that you had such a difficult time. How far along were you?
My experience was similar to yours except I stayed stuborn and didn't go to the ER because when I went when this first started I sat for 5hrs before anyone saw me and I didn't want to do that. They told me they wanted me to pass it naturally I was just over 12 weeks...luckily they did warn me it was like labour but even then because I've never been in labour before I wasn't expecting the level of pain I had. My DH wanted to take me to the ER too but I just wanted to be alone. After one week of very heavy bleeding, passing large clots and on one night 7hr of extremely bad pain I would have thought I had passed everything but then they had to do a D&C anyway. I did take the demerol & moraphine that was offered to me and wasn't sick so that was good. The Dr didn't come see me after the D&C and no one gave me any information on what to do or not to do. I had sex 3 days later and found out I wasn't suppose to and went to the gym 5 days later...going to the gym was a huge mistake I started pretty much gushing blood the next morning (at work!!!) huge blood clots etc and was put on bed rest for 3 days and then FINALLY told no sex no gym for two weeks. All in all a horrible experience and I can't beleive the lack of guidence I was given. How was I suppose to know what not to do? My husband was/is very tramatised by the whole thing and wants to "wait" now...I on the other hand want to start trying again asap though if it happens again I don't think I would have quite this attitude. I'm just hopeful that I will be one of the lucky people that onlyl have one miscarriage.
I wasn't given antibiotics either though when I was still bleeding after two weeks the had me take my temperature sporadically to make sure I didn't get a fever which would indicate an infection. It's been 3 weeks now since my D&C and I started bleeding again on Tuesday but just for the day..? Not sure why. Emotionally I thought I was feeling better but I started to cry last night because on my calendar for April 11th I had written baby moving I would have been just over 18 weeks and that was hard for me to see. I've now taken white out to my calendar so I won't see notes like that, I had them written all the way to September my EDD.
Hi Brown eyed
I am sorry for what you have had to go through. I do unfortunately have some idea as I spontaneously miscarried at 17 weeks. The doctor was in the process of scheduling a D&C but apparently my body was not going to wait. It was very much like labour and delivery and I really wish the doctor had sent me straight to the hospital. For me it happened so quickly - UGH!

But enough about that. The reason I'm writing is that I was instructed not to bathe or swim for at least two weeks. I didn't have the D&C but I'm guessing that there may be a risk of infection. So just double check that with your doctor.
My best on healing well and take extra care of yourself.

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