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Hi girls,

Just wanted to update you on my experience and get some advice. Since being diagnosed last Wednesday with the blighted ovum I had opted to miscarry naturally - i had spotted from last Monday til Friday and then very light bleeding started but nothing serious til Saturday night. Then the cramps came and heavy bleeding started at about 9pm - I woke my dh up at 2 am due to the pain. He wanted to take me to the er but I thought it would get better - it didn't. I was passing large clots almost the size of my fist. I was up most of the night. My lower back pain and cramping was so intense we went to the er at 3pm Sunday - my sister in law is a nurse and she said it was pretty much like labour - I was admitted to the hospital and they wanted to give me dermerol for the pain but told me I would most likely vomit from it so I passed on it. The nurses checked on my every little while and helped me quite a bit. The OB was away til Monday so I couldn't see him. They wouldn't let me eat for fear I may have to do an emergency D&C. I bled and bled and finally passed the sac Sunday night - I could tell that that was what it was. The OB came in Monday am and said it was good that I came to the hospital and they were doing an ultrasound to see if I passed everything - I had that at 12:30pm and didn't get the results til 6pm. Hence I never ate all day again. He came in at 6pm and said I needed a D&C as there was still tissue there and it needed to be removed for fear of infection and he would be doing it at 7pm. I was very scared as I never had anasthesia. I had the surgery and was pretty groggy for hours so I stayed the night again and went home in the morning on Tuesday. I am not bleeding much only a little but I am sore so I am taking tylenol. He never gave me any post op advice or meds nor did he schedule a follow up so I am on my own now. Nobody told me I couldn't take a bath so I did on Tuesday and yesterday hoping it would ease the pain. I am not on antibiotics or anything else - is this normal? What advice did you girls get after a d&c?
I am a little angry at him for telling me passing it on my own would be like a heavy period - it wasn't - it was like labour and the bleeding was like 10 periods - on the same token I have to thank him for doing the surgery as the hemorraging stopped. He also didn't offer information I had to ask about things otherwise he didn't tell me very much. Overall the experience was traumatic and I would never try that on my own again- I should have had the d&c right away like he had wanted to do. This has been the worst experience of our lives and I don't know if I want to try again. This was our first attempt at pregnancy and it will take us months to get over it.

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