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I'm so sorry for your loss and that you had such a difficult time. How far along were you?
My experience was similar to yours except I stayed stuborn and didn't go to the ER because when I went when this first started I sat for 5hrs before anyone saw me and I didn't want to do that. They told me they wanted me to pass it naturally I was just over 12 weeks...luckily they did warn me it was like labour but even then because I've never been in labour before I wasn't expecting the level of pain I had. My DH wanted to take me to the ER too but I just wanted to be alone. After one week of very heavy bleeding, passing large clots and on one night 7hr of extremely bad pain I would have thought I had passed everything but then they had to do a D&C anyway. I did take the demerol & moraphine that was offered to me and wasn't sick so that was good. The Dr didn't come see me after the D&C and no one gave me any information on what to do or not to do. I had sex 3 days later and found out I wasn't suppose to and went to the gym 5 days later...going to the gym was a huge mistake I started pretty much gushing blood the next morning (at work!!!) huge blood clots etc and was put on bed rest for 3 days and then FINALLY told no sex no gym for two weeks. All in all a horrible experience and I can't beleive the lack of guidence I was given. How was I suppose to know what not to do? My husband was/is very tramatised by the whole thing and wants to "wait" now...I on the other hand want to start trying again asap though if it happens again I don't think I would have quite this attitude. I'm just hopeful that I will be one of the lucky people that onlyl have one miscarriage.
I wasn't given antibiotics either though when I was still bleeding after two weeks the had me take my temperature sporadically to make sure I didn't get a fever which would indicate an infection. It's been 3 weeks now since my D&C and I started bleeding again on Tuesday but just for the day..? Not sure why. Emotionally I thought I was feeling better but I started to cry last night because on my calendar for April 11th I had written baby moving I would have been just over 18 weeks and that was hard for me to see. I've now taken white out to my calendar so I won't see notes like that, I had them written all the way to September my EDD.

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