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Hi I don't even know if I should be posting this on this board but any way this is going to sound strange due to my situation but here goes.
about a week ago I was setting in my chair and got up and had blood all over me went and took a shower and passed 2 huge clots, then after that nothing else came out, bleeding stopped. 2 days later basicly the same thing happened, well it continued like this for almost a week. just passing clots and no bleeding unless a clot came out. Well saturday I started having severe pains(cramping) but no blood. Sunday morning got up and went to bathroom and I had started by sunday afternoon bleeding so bad that I have to change pads about every 10 to 15 min. I mean saturated to where I bleed out. This morning the same thing. I mean this is very very heavy flow with huge clots, but anyway, when I went to the bathroom there was a whiteish looking blob in the comode it was about an inch long and had a bloody squiggly looking thing on it. I had a tubal 14 years ago after I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. the Dr. made me carry the baby for a month to make sure that I had miscarried. I have 2 daughters and in my chart it said missed abortion male fetus 12 week. so I figured it was a boy. after all these years and with my tubes tied does this sound like I have had another miscarriage? It sure feels like I am in labor please so info here please. I might just go to dr. if It does not ease up

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