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I never thought I would be here...I had a missed miscarriage on 3-28-07 at exactly 16 weeks. I had hyperemesis, so I really had to fight for my baby. I just had a little brown blood discharge the day before, and finally got an appointment for a ultrasound the next morning. I knew that day that something was terribly wrong, but didnt want to believe it. My husband and I saw the baby on the screen, and knew right away that it was movement, no heartbeat, and the tech just gets up and leaves us there by ourselves to cry. I didnt know anything about m/c, so I was shocked and terrified at having to go through labor to deliver my dead little boy. The hospital staff were really busy with other mothers, so my hubby and I were pretty much on our own through the whole thing. We didnt know what to do, or what was happening until my water just exploded and the baby came out. We know now that he had died at about 12 weeks or so, and had spina bifida and the bladder on the outside of the abdomen. Im devastated... I feel like Im on the verge of crying, but it just wont come out. Pray for us on Wednesday, as we will learn about the autopsy. How could I not know my baby had been dead for a month? How could it be in there that long and me not die?? I never really bled, and only had a little cramp. Im terrified to try again, not wanting to have that hurt all over again.
My husband is not someone who shows his emotions, in fact, that day was the first day I saw him cry. How do you help your husband? I am still having bleeding and lots of pain, and actually, I dont feel well at all. How long does this last? I went back to work 4 days after the delivery, if you can believe it, because my work wouldnt allow me any more time off. Sorry for the length, I have about a million questions, the type that only someone who has experienced this may be able to answer. I really feel for those of you here, and would appreciate any info, or if you need to rant too...;)

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