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Molar Pregnancy
Apr 24, 2007
Hello my name is Shannon and here is my story. I found out I was pregnant with my third child and it was a shocker but it was a blessing. I went to the doctors and everything seemed to check out. The doctor never was able to get the baby's heartrate but he said that sometimes they can't get it. I didn't think anything of it. Well it turns out that I was almost 5 months along. The doctor still said it was okay. I didn't think it was. I had already had 2 other kids. Well one Saturday morning I started to bleed. I called the doctor and he told me to stay on bed rest the rest of the day and come and see him first thing on monday morning. I went to his office and he did an exam and told me that there is bleeding on my uterus. So he sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound. The tech didn't say anything the whole time she was doing the test. She then tells me to go out and have a seat and the doctor would be there to talk to me about my options. I didn't know what was going on. I then became very nervous. Then the tech comes back into the room and tells me that the doctors office was on the phone and wanted to speak with me. ME and my mom went in there and picked up the phone and the lady persisted on telling me that it was a molar pregnancy and that my baby was dead and that I needed to be back at the hospital tomorrow for a D&C. I then lost it and couldn't stop crying. I then went home and went to bed and got up and went to the hospital. I then started to get everything I needed for the proceedger and then a nurse came running into the room asking the other nurse if she had started giving me my iv yet. The nurse had said I was about to why? The other nurse said that the doctors office never put the order in for the referral and that I would have to pay for the whole thing. By this point my husband started to lose it. He started to shout at everyone and saying that my wife has been through enough and she doesn't need this added to it. The administrator came in and heard what had happened to me and got my referal. The proceeder went on and I went home. I had to go back to see my doctor after the first 2 weeks and then I only saw him 1 more time after that. My doctor asked me if I was going to try to have another baby. I told him yes. He said to wait for at least 3 months. I waited 6 months before I became pregnant. I'm now almost 3 months and I just found out through my new doctor that my old doctor should have been having test done on me for a year and that I shouldn't have been told 3 months that I should of waited 1 year. So now I really scared that something will go wrong with this pregnancy since I had never been tested for anything. I've been told that I should take my old doctor to court for malpractice. I just pray that my baby will be just fine. I'm not sure now that they told me today that there is so many risks to me and my baby. They told me that I can have a miscarriage or a still born and many other things could happen since I've never had any kinds of test or anything done about it. I would really like to hear some other opinions and advice. Thanks for listening to my story!!


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