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Molly I am so sorry for your loss. It doesnt matter which pregnancy it was, it was still your child. My heart goes out to you.We had a missed miscarriage at 16 weeks.I had to go through labor for about 8 hours. I was totally unprepared and my DH was scared out of his mind.
This was our first child, and we have found out he was a boy who had spina bifida. Im now on folic acid to help prevent that.I would have taken that little boy in a heartbeat, but a small part of me rejoices that he is perfect in heaven....he would have had a tough time had he stayed here. Hopefully soon we will be trying again, maybe that will help.
Just try to take one day at a time. Im glad you have such a wonderful family to be there for you. I can't imagine going through this alone.
You may not be thinking about something likethis now, but I made myself a little box of momentos,(just for me, in my private moments) of the ultrasound picture, my appt. cards, my scratch paper with potential names, picture of me and the hubby during the pregnancy, even a receipt from Sonic, because tater tots were the only thing I could keep down. It helps me "get the sad out" in a way, and may help you remember the joy your baby brought, and not so much the heartache right after. hope this helps a little . Its only been a month for me. You will all be in my prayers.

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