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I actually did a hpt just about 2 days ago, well it came out negitive but I called my md just to talk the medical assistant and she said that if I dont have my period again by Monday to come in. Well nothing as of yet but I am having some signs that maybe I could be. Im having that abdominal cramping like tugging and pulling kinda feeling, horrible headache, kinda gassy and horrible heartburn. I dont have sore breasts but I guess that can very from women to women and pregnancy to pregnancy. So we will test again on Monday and if it comes back negitive then Im going to have blood done. Just to make sure. My basal temp has stayed high at least I think I just started taking it about a week now. I know that it can be hard. I was what I thought was 10 weeks happily along. When I got there for a checkup the dr couldnt find the heartbeat I went right over to the hospital for an ultrasound where they confirmed that the baby was 7-10 days under developed with no fetal heart-tones. I balled and balled. I actually took alot of time off work just to regroup and get myself back to normal. Trying to concieve again actually has consumed my life. I am the kinda person that is life I know what I want and if I dont get it I kick and scream til I do. My husband hates it!! But we are going to stay busy this weekend and Im not going think about it.

For you its probably still so fresh that it will hurt for awhile but in time it does get better. There was a girl at my work that got pregnant same time as me and she just found out the gender of her baby. I still have to be excited for her. Im trying to get strong but I still have my moments.

I'll let you know what happens Monday!!!

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