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Ok i found out i was pregnant on 4-24-07 and the next day i started spotting and it goes and comes and has gotten heavier some days and today i had a dr appt but since it was saturday the lap was closed so i couldnt get full information. basically they just confirmed my pregnancy and prescribed my vitamins. i told him about the bleeding and he said its something called breakthrough bleeding durring pregnancy but im not sure if thats what it is because he described a little pink and this is more. then he told me if it continues and and comes out in clots then it has become a misscarriage. I did see some clots but not huge or medium sized just a few small ones. But when i used to get my period it came out in clots some times. Im so affraid. I think its coming out in small clots now because i sit most of the time. that could be a silly reason but i have thought and thought and am so scared. i dont want to loose my baby. i've been also getting cramps like a period. Could this just be a period. Is there a such thing as periods while pregnant? If it is breakthrough bleeding how long does it last? This has lasted about 4 days now. please help.

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