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D&c question
May 1, 2007
Well, it looks like my first ivf cycle will result in a miscarriage. I find out for sure next week. I have a couple of questions??? First off, if you miscarry at 6 weeks, do you usually need a D&C, or will you most likely miscarry naturally? If you don't naturally, is there some kind of pill or shot you could take to make you miscarry? I really do not want a D&C. I don't like being put out. My last question is if you could opt for twilight sedation instead of general anesthesia? I am opposed to general as I get very sick after. Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you!!

Re: D&c question
May 2, 2007
Thank you, you are so sweet. I just read your other post to me on the IF boards. I actually find out for sure next week, it's not a definite thing, but I have already given up hope, as I was pretty much not given any at the office.

If I do end up with a d and c, I will see if I could do twilight. A natural miscarriage scares me a lot too. This whole process is so painful, I really hope I don't ever have to go through it again. I will be doing another ivf cycle probably in July or August. We shall see.

Re: D&c question
May 8, 2007
Eurokelly-Thanks for the encouragement. It has been very hard. I just feel very alone in this. You know, the feelings of nobody understands, everyone around me is pregnant, etc. I'm just ready to get on with this D&C so I can heal emotionally.

Maggie-I'm so sorry you are suffering from migraines. My sister in law gets migraines and they are terrible. She goes through periods of time when she will have terrible ones 20 days of the month. I can imagine the fear you would have of going off of your medication to have a baby. Have you ever considered a surrogate? I know that's a huge jump, but it just crossed my mind. I have infertility issues, my miscarriage that I am currently going through is from IVF. I have considered doing surrogacy if it comes down to it. We will do several more IVFs before we get there. I'm sure you have asked, but there has to be something you can take while pregnant for you migraines. Well, I wish you luck on your journey. By the way, I don't think you are selfish at all for being scared about going off of you meds to be pregnant. That would be very scary, and you are not silly for being worried about diabetes, that is a serious issue. I am like you, I run all the risks in my head, then worry about all of them.

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