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Re: D&c question
May 2, 2007
I had a D&C and I was awake for it. I had a regional anesthetic which is just numbing the cervix. I had 3 injections The first 2 injections did not sting but the last one did. I was not told about the side effects till after I started to complain. I could not hear. Everything sounded like I was underwater and I had a hard time swallowing and my body tingled it all passed in about 2 min. There was a clock on the wall that I stared at the whole time. It took less that 8 min to do the D&C.

It was not painful but it was not comfortable either. It was like 8 mins of a nonstop period cramp. I thought it was going to be horrible but it wasn't. I could feel the curette in my belly which was very weird. If you are awake for it the vaccum was very loud. I think that was the worst part not because it hurt cause it didn't but because I could hear it and knew what it was doing.

Soon as he was done the nurse asked me to get up and walk in the other room. The room had a huge chair that reclined with a large oversized diaper on it. The nurse had me sit in the chair with my feet up while she took my vitals every 3min. After about 15 min I was told that if I felt ok I could get dressed to leave if I didn't I could stay there. I sat there a few more minutes cause I swore I was bleeding all over the place. I finally looked between my legs and the blood was only as if I were on my period. She gave me a kotex I , got dressed and the doctor gave prescriptions to make my uterus shrink along with antibiotics. For pain I was to take ibuprofen.

I had huge clots the 3rd day that were bigger than a quarter so I called the office and they said if they did not stop in an hour to come in ASAP. They did stop but started again the next day. It was tissue like. I never got more than 2 clots a day and at the end of the week I was passing clear jelly like tissue with stuff that looked like pepper.

I continued to bleed on and off for the 2nd week. The first day I came home, tried not to cry cause my crying upset my BF more than he already was. He was pretty sad. He had bought my favorite movies ahead of time and all my favorite foods to try and help console me. I slept most of the day. After the first day I did not have any cramps.

I brought my favorite blanket with me I know that sounds silly but I did. I was allowed to bring it in the surgery room I am glad I did cause it was freezing.

I wish you all the best. HUGS!

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