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Hey Cupcake
I am sorry to hear you are feeling down. And sorry to hear about everybody else out there who has gone through this type of loss. Itís a pretty tough road. I too feel like I put on a happy face and everybody thinks Iím ok. But I know most people donít want to hear about it Ďcause they just donít understand. I am still hurt by some people who never said anything to me about the miscarriage. Like people who I see around who would talk to me about baby names and are we going to find out the sex one day. And then never mention it again because they heard of the loss and just never said Ďsorryí or anything. I try not to be upset with them but it really does bother me. I am however, extremely thankful for those who have supported me.

I found out that my baby did not make it at 17 weeks. That night I miscarried quickly and unexpectedly. At least I already knew that the baby did not make it. I still blame myself and wonder if I had too much going on and it was stress related. The m/c happened Jan 31, 2007. I have been super busy with my two little ones (I am very blessed and fortunate to have them) and I had returned to school to get my masters. The docs never found any problems with the baby or the placenta from the pathology that was done. So I just took things one day at a time right after the miscarriage. I never really took any time to get better because who has time for that? But looking back I should have taken more than a couple of days to recoup. Anyhow, some of my commitments have completed and now I have some more time to myself and I thought I was feeling better about the miscarriage but Iíve had a tough week. It seems that about everyone I know is pregnant and no one wants to tell me for fear of upsetting me. I so want people to treat me normal. I donít want people to feel uncomfortable because of my presence. And on top of this I just found out that one of my students is pregnant and due in July with a little girl! (Thatís when I was due and with a girl) She was rarely in class and hid the pregnancy well and she is 13!!!! I am so sad for her and me.

OK, so my point is I do want to listen to you and all of you. There is limited support for situations like ours and I think it helps to write about it. Itís probably normal to feel angry about your situation. I know that I still feel like why did this happen to me? I try not to but I do feel like that and sometimes I think itís also related to my AF cycle. I hope you feel better soon. I wish you well in healing quickly.

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