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:mad: I have been doing so goodd the last couple weeks. I really have. Then today a friday a gorgeous day outside and Im mad at the world. And I really really mean that. I am mad at the world!!!! All I keep thinking about is I should be almost 6 months pregnant and I should be so happy in life right now. Instead I had a miscarriage and quit my job because I couldnt take the stress and now I have to start all over again. Im just so so so angry today!! It just sucks that mothers day is coming up and I shoulda looked forward to that because I was becoming a mother. But no no I was stripped of being happy. I honestly think that this weekend is going to suck. I think I may not even get out of bed. Even now I cant even get myself up off the couch. Please tell me I am not the only one that gets very angry from time to time. I finally got my period after a long 52 day wait. I dont even know how to figure out when Im ovulating.. I have been taking my basal temps and Im going to go buy some OPK's and start testing in a few days.. Im just so so so so angry today. Thanks for listen everybody. Lemme know that I am not the only one stripped of life!!!


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