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Hello Pink. I am very sorry to welcome you to this board and not the pregnancy board. The support here is great, though;)
I didnt bleed that much, either, compared to what I have read. I had a missed miscarriage at 16 weeks, although my baby probably died at 12 weeks. Even going through labor, my water broke, I had the baby and about 3 very large clots, all at once because of the medication. I had went to the hospital in the morning, and was home that evening. I had cramps, a little bleeding, but that was really it. I had just started a job, also, and went back to work after the weekend. I wasnt physically ready, and definately not emotionally ready. I wish I had had the guts to tell my boss I needed the week off, but I just wanted to get back to normal, like it didnt happen. I went back to my doctor after 2 weeks, but that could be because of how far along I was?? It could be different for you, depending on if you had tests done on the baby, or want your HCG levels checked. I would call your doctor's office and talk to them, to make sure you dont need a follow-up, or just to ask information. I was too upset to ask the questions as it was happening. I was kind of overlooked on some things. Write down a list, just in case youre like me, and scatterbrained:dizzy:
Youre in my thoughts. Let us know how you are!

[QUOTE=molly_75;2987696]Hi Sweetest Pink,
So sorry about your miscarriage, you're in the right place for support...I, like Pooger, had a missed miscarriage, which means the baby died, but our body did not naturally expel it. I had a D&E at the hospital about a week after my baby had died (at 12 weeks), and I am on week #4, STILL bleeding. I did not go back for my follow up, but that's a whole different story!As far as bleeding for a month, that's not the case for everybody. As long as you are not having bad cramping or pain of any kind, then you are probably in good shape. You should call your doctor though to see if they want to see you for a follow up. Let us know how you make out! Good luck!

I am sorry for you guys as well. I didnt take it tooo hard because i had just got a new car and new job and am looking for an apartment. And a baby at the time would have put alot of things on hold for me. I was going to have the baby because i felt i should deal with that issue and i didnt agree with other options. So im not saying im happy about it because im not at all but i know that i wasnt ready. Thanks alot for all the support u guys its really appreciated

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