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Hello all. I have two daughters and have experienced one early miscarriage, and one second-trimester miscarriage in the hospital. I recently found out I am pregnant again. It has been 3 years since I have been able to get pregnant-I have some endo and scarring so we figured it just wasn't possible. Well, surprise, I am. Unfortunately, I am sure I am miscarrying. I've been to the doctor-I'm at about 6-7weeks. I cried at the doctor's office because I really felt that this would happen. I had been experiencing pain and cramping since the beginning but I got checked out and things looked good. It's been about a week and I've started to bleed. It is not super-heavy-like a moderate period. I am cramping worse than ever tonight. I have lost pregnancy symptoms-the nausea and fatigue suddenly disappeared around the same time that the bleeding started.

I've been doing this for about 4 days. I have a doctor's appt on tuesday and I haven't called. I miscarried in the hospital and it was cold and terrible. I want to do this here.I know that I will call on monday because I cant just go around like this forever. The cramps are getting worse, but I"m functioning fine. Still working (desk job) taking care of the kids and doing daily activities. So I'm basically waiting.

IN the meantime, I know what symptoms I should look for as far as infection, hemmorage, that sort of thing. I know the pregnancy isn't tubal because I had the ultrasound, and everything was where it should be. I'm REALLY cramping tonight. I'm hoping that means I can see this through soon. I want to put this behind me but it's taking soooo long. I have to mourn each and every day until it's finally over. It's mental torture. But I don't want a d & c (unless it's medically necessary) and I don't want to do this in a hospital bed.I don't know why I am miscarrying, and quite frankly I don't want to get pregnant again. When I got pregnant with my daughters, there were no worries. I was excited and looking forward to having them. No pregnancy after all this will be like that. I just want to get my tubes tied or something.
I will post later if something happens.

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