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Hey ladies!!! :wave:

I hope you all are doing well and I'm so sorry for your losses :(

I had a D&C after a missed miscarriage in December. I was 11 weeks. I was bleeding excessively so they performed the D&C a day after I found out I had M/C.

My question is to anyone who has had a D&C before.. After, did things feel different while being intimate with your DH or partner, etc? My DH jokes that they must have accidentally sewn something up because it feels smaller. And I've noticed that sex does not feel as comfortable as it was. I don't mean comfortable in the sense that I don't want to do it, but physically comfortable. We waited over a month before being intimate again and I did not use tampons when I had my period because I was afraid of infection, etc.
Things have also been dryer in that area, so we're going to be trying preseed next time, hopefully that will make things easier!

Has anyone experienced this?? I feel weird bringing it up to my doctor.. and with all that a doctor has to do in a day I don't want to bother them with questions like this! :dizzy:
I had a similar feeling when we were together for the first time. The "tighter" feeling may be because we hadn't been together in a while - for us it hasn't been since end of Jan. I had a miscarriage the end of March and a d&c and it was a long recovery for me.

That may be all it is for you too - because it has been a while. There are no stitches with a d&c but if you experience any pain it could be your cervix - if they had to dialate it. Your dryness is due to hormonal changes - this will eventually change as estrogen begins to rise again. I am in the 2nd month after the d&c and have noticed an increase. Give it some time for your body to get back on track.

Unfortunately for me I have been having abdominal discomfort since my d&c - I can't even wear tight jeans - and my doctor seems to feel this is normal. It is not as bad as it used to be but it still hasn't gone away. I have seen him 2 times about this and he is brushing it off -he just asks if I have a fever or chills which I don't so to him it is just my body getting back to normal. I may go to my walk in clinic to see another doctor about it.
I had my D&C March 5th and DH and I had sex for the first time last week. Things did feel "different". I was very nervous to do it for the first time becasue my cervix required a couple of stitches and I was afraid of irritating it. I'm sure the next time we are intimate things will be better.
We've been intimate since, for 4 months now. Maybe its the lack of CM that is making things difficult. Who knows.. if I ever ask the doctor I will let you all know what he says. Thanks for your responses and best of luck to all of you :wave:

Hi Jackie, just wanted to respond on one point in particular. I also had m/c and D&C and had almost no cm for months and months, this has now improved dramatically after acupuncture for fertility. The acupuncturist actually asked me this as one of the first questions and within one treatment I noticed a difference - so if you want to hurry up the hormone rebalancing I really reccommend it.

Best of luck

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