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Hey ladies!!! :wave:

I hope you all are doing well and I'm so sorry for your losses :(

I had a D&C after a missed miscarriage in December. I was 11 weeks. I was bleeding excessively so they performed the D&C a day after I found out I had M/C.

My question is to anyone who has had a D&C before.. After, did things feel different while being intimate with your DH or partner, etc? My DH jokes that they must have accidentally sewn something up because it feels smaller. And I've noticed that sex does not feel as comfortable as it was. I don't mean comfortable in the sense that I don't want to do it, but physically comfortable. We waited over a month before being intimate again and I did not use tampons when I had my period because I was afraid of infection, etc.
Things have also been dryer in that area, so we're going to be trying preseed next time, hopefully that will make things easier!

Has anyone experienced this?? I feel weird bringing it up to my doctor.. and with all that a doctor has to do in a day I don't want to bother them with questions like this! :dizzy:

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