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I have read that you have to have no bleeding at all for at least 3 weeks before you can actually call it a period. When I m/c and had a d&c March 26 I was told I would bleed for a while after the procedure. I was told to expect my first period in 4-6 weeks.
I ended up only bleeding very lightly but then continued to spot for almost 5 weeks then I bled for another week lightly which I thought was my first cycle but not because then I had what I thought was period the week after that - heavy bleeding and clots and tons of cramping. I don't know if this was the first period or not because I had spotting up until this. This last 3-4 days then spotted for a couple days then nothing for 3.5 weeks then I started my first real period or 2nd? I guess this past Saturday.

I find my temps were still high throughout the first cycle and now with this one they just started to drop today - which may signify ovulation this month. I also found the blood was very bright red for both cycles - did you have this too? I have read that this is fresh blood - since the d&c removes all the old blood.

I am just as puzzled about my cycles as you are about yours. My body took a long time to adjust after the m/c and d&c. Everyone is different - I have heard of women getting pregnant the first month after too so it varies from woman to woman.

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