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Re: Update
Jun 6, 2007
Thank you everyone for the kinds words of support. I called my Dr's office yesterday around 1:15pm, after not hearing from them all morning (the hospital was going to fax the results over to them in the morning), - what else is new. Receptionist gave me to a nurse (not the same nurse that told me one of the Dr's and several of the other nurses thought the bleeding was from the internal exam I had last week - yeah right) who said she would run my results by one of the Dr's (not my Dr, of course, like I've said, I have not yet seem him this pg (moot point as this pg is over, keep having to say it out loud so that it sinks in).

Turns out she was running the results by the same Dr. who thought I could be bleeding from the internal exam!!. I said that's fine, you can do that (my Dr. was in surgery all afternoon, naturally), but I want this handled by my Dr. Well, the Dr. that was there looked at the results, nurse came back on the line, and said there was "minimal products of conception left" - I love how they refer to a human being as "products of conception". And that I may not need a D&C (more diagnosis over the phone), but that my Dr., when he came in tomorrow morning - meaning today, would look at the results, and the nurse would call me back. Well, here it is 10:30and no call yet.

My question to all of you is (for those that have m/c), should I have the D&C? Last time I had a D&E (which is supposed to be a less invasive procedure), I healed up (physically) fine, got my period almost exactly 28 days later, waited the 2 months the Dr. recommended to try again, and got pg 2 months after that.

I'd rather not have it, but I don't want to get an infection. I am still bleeding (light to moderately at this point), but it's been a week now (spotting started Tuesday night, heavy bleeding overnight Wed into Thursday, then moderate to heavy through the weekend, now light to moderate).

Also, how long should I wait to call them? (I know, some of you are going to say "March right out there, now". I'm so angry I feel like it!!!

I'm defintely (if we decide to try again) going to go to an RE next time. But as some of you know, time is growing extremely short, I'll be 41 next month, making this 2nd M/C all the more painful. I feel like this last whole year of my life (life begins at 40? not my child's that's for sure) has been a rollercoaster of emotions, ending in a nightmare.

Thanks for listening.

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