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I had a miscarriage that started naturally on March 24 - I had started spotting a few days before this. My ob told me to expect a heavy period. So, I wasn't that worried until it actually started. I had intense cramping and back labour that started on Sat. 24th and was passing large clots. I went to the er on Sunday afternoon as the pain became too intense and my dh had had enough and insisted we go. They admitted me and offered demerol for the pain but I refused due to the fact it would make me sick. I cried alot as it was a very painful miscarriage, physically and emotionally. I passed alot of blood (the nurses told me it was normal)-finally passed the sac Sunday evening - glad I got to see it. I had another u/s on the Monday and there was still products in the upper part of my uterus so I had to have the d&c anyways that evening. I think if I had to do it again I would just have the d&c and not go through the miscarriage myself - at the time though I was afraid of anethesia (first time ever put under) and wanted to make sure the doctors weren't "wrong".
I had a friend that had a miscarriage a little farther along than me and she just had a gush of fluid and mild period like cramps. Everyone is different.

I wouldn't have minded so much going through this labour if I had something out of it (my baby) but to go through all of that and have nothing was hard. I had some very supportive nurses who helped alot. The doctors were too hurried and not very empathetic. The only comfort I got from them was my ob put his hand on my shoulder before the d&c and said "you will be fine".

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