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I think doctor's tend to overreact WAY too much! I was told at 17 weeks that I had to consider ending my pregnancy. The doctor told me I had a partial molar pregnancy. The baby looked fine, but they did an amnio and expected the worse. The amnio came back fine. I spent the following weeks leading up to the birth being told how I needed to expect the worse and that I possibly could have cancer from the partial molar. The stress alone was enough to put me away in the nut house. Like I said in my earlier post, I had 3 m/c's prior to this and had 2 healthy children. I wanted this baby girl SOOO bad. I couldn't even imagine ending the pregnancy. We decided to continue and face whatever came along. The specialist monitored me every week via u/s and bloodtests. Would you believe I gave birth on May 23rd to a COMPLETELY healthy baby girl and there was NOTHING wrong at all! So my views on doctor's and their "professional opinion" isn't worth much. THEY TRIED TO CONVINCE ME TO END A HEALTHY PREGNANCY! Don't freak if there is nothing again at this u/s, just go back again at 7 or 8 weeks until you know for sure! Good luck!

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